Here’s the thing about being pro choice that people don’t get…
You don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro choice. That’s why it’s not called pro abortion. It’s an understanding that you can’t make that choice for someone else and they have full control over that not you. It’s pro I’m not the boss of everyone else.

This is important.

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i hate when mosquitos do that

me trying to save my grades at the end of the semester

"u missed di schoo bus eh?"
"yes fadda"
"find a wey ti schoo den"

Harry - Looks like a god, as usual.
Liam - Stop that eyebrow, its adorable. 
Zayn - We see you grooving it up back there mate.
Louis - Fringe, you don’t look tough, just cuddly. 
Niall - Tan, new hair, did he hit puberty again?

we went upstate and my dog was being a butt and trying to swipe at fish in the lake and she fell in and when we dried her off she was still shivering so i put a sweater on her 


me during the interlude of a song leading to a nicki minaj’s verse


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